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Everything We Know About the Aston Martin DBX

Weve all heard by now that Aston Martin will build an SUV. In fact, the upcoming DBX - thats the name Gaydon chose for its first-ever high-riding vehicle - has revealed some of its intricacies, but even so, theres still more of what we dont know than what we actually know about it. The DBX comes as a surprise move from Aston Martin and although you might not see it like that since every carmaker is churning out high-riding vehicles these days, the companys CEO was very adamant that the company wont build such a car because SUVs are boxes and boxes arent beautiful. The statement dates back to 2015 when Andy Palmer seemed to wage a war on SUVs, saying that our [Aston Martins] DNA doesnt allow us to go there and you cannot make a beautiful SUV, its impossible. Oh, well, little did we know.