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Faraday Future Cant Get the FF91 to Market But Is Already Talking About Future Models

Faraday Future has had what has to be one of the hardest walks of life since its introduction. If you look back at our Faraday Future page, for example, youll see all kinds of stories about the companys financial troubles, all of which came around the same time the first pre-production build of the FF91 came to life. After that, Faraday Future starting laying off workers which was followed a month later by the companys co-founder leaving in haste. It got even worse as the company started a GoFundMe campaign just to lay off more employees a month later. Faraday Futures CEO, Carsten Breitfeld, might be pulling the company together a little better, with his main focus being on the FF91 and bring it to market maybe by the end of 2020. However, during CES 2020, he expressed interest in several other cars and didnt exactly rule out a Tesla Roadster competitor either. Heres what we learned