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BMW M5 Hybrid Spied Again - Is BMW Trying to Rush Development?

or padding, these pictures are more detailed than the previous set weve published. The padding on the bumper is apparently hiding a set of fairly aggressive corner vents and, while the grille wont be massive, it does look like itll have a notched metting with the front hood. If you look closely, you can also see the muscular body lines of the hood, even though they are padded and wont be quite so dominating when the camo comes off. As of now, theres not much else to report. The M5 Hybrid is expected to be a PHEV, and should offer somewhere in the area of 30 miles of all-electric range. The combined use of the hybrid system should offer a nice performance boost over the ICE-only model but can also be used to improve fuel economy as well during periods of cruising. Given the shape and design of the charging port door, we can tell that comes directly from the 545e xDrive, which means the M5 Hybrid could sport a similar powertrain.